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We are called to love and serve others. When we live this way, change happens…in us and in the lives of those we serve. As followers of Jesus, our Acts of Kindness aren’t just random, they are intentional ways we show His love.

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How do you show Kindness?

Sometimes inspiration comes from hearing how other people are finding ways to show kindness. It’s not about the recognition but rather about receiving encouragement to continue looking for opportunities. Share what you’re doing here, and help inspire others along the way! The counter below should encourage us all as the numbers continue to rise. Let’s love our neighbors and spread kindness!

Love the Lord your God with all your heart and with all your soul and with all your mind and with all your strength.’ The second is this: ‘Love your neighbor as yourself.’ There is no commandment greater than these.”
Mark 12:30-31


Acts of Kindness Completed in 2023!

Read what others are doing to make a difference! 

Nameless N.

I felt the Lord call on my heart at 3am one night to make 24 homeless adult bags. My family and I made 12 men and 12 women’s bags filled with hygienic products, food, and supplies in a backpack. It also had prayer cards, the New Testament part of the Bible, and a notebook/pen for them to study the word or write their feelings. God is good and He provides. He gave provision to do these bags. After a couple days later I felt Him say “good job, now the children” and we did it again for the kids. God is so good. Handing out these bags and getting to know their stories has been such a blessing. Everyone has a story of heartbreak and hardship. It’s so beautiful to share with them that Jesus was already searching for them. To hear some are strong believers and “knew we were coming” is phenomenal. God is so good all the time regardless of our circumstances! Hallelujah!

Billie W.

After asking in prayer, was guided for us to give a certain amount in check to the local food pantry. While there they. mentioned needing turkeys this year; so, after praying felt guided to get grab a few and did for them. Also, praying for a few close family and friends with someone that has major health situation and checking in etc. Also, will be doing some Christmas boxes for charity as feel guided to do so as well. It's a blessing to be able to do so.

Fernando R.

Jumping someone’s car

Vickie B.

Noticed a homeless man with his dog sitting in the shade. I’d seen him before but never had a chance to speak with him. Today I hoped he’d still be there when I got out of the store. I bought him some basic quality food and his pup some food and a big bottle of ice cold water. I actually got to talk with him and get to know his story. I have been homeless three times and know the “assumptions” that homeless people are lazy,druggies,dangerous etc……I was told that he was from Nebraska and his wife cheated on him and took all the money from accounts and left him homeless. He came out here but his plans/arrangements fell through and it’s just him and his dog. He wants to work but because he can’t supply proof of address with bills (duh….. he’s homeless!!) nobody will hire him. He never has anyone talk with him. It’s such a vicious cycle. Now that I know him I can maybe get to know him a bit better and find organizations out here that could help. I am not familiar with this agenda.

Jackie B.

We know an elderly lady down the street who has many health issues, I made her a pretty bouquet of fake flowers, butterflies and greenery in a mason jar with rocks to put on their front table on their porch to cheer her up . They love sitting on the front porch and talking to people who walk by. 😀

Sean C.

75 $5 gift cards were donated to Sierra Vista JR High School for their Summer Impact summer school program. The Summer Impact program is mostly for low-income, first-generation US, and foster kids in the summer school program. The kids who are there are in b/c they're struggling academically and need some extra help. They asked RLC to donate these gift cards to help make learning fun for the students.

Kevin M.

I never thought I'd coach girls soccer, but when my daughter's team needed a coach, I stepped up. Honestly, I think I am having more fun than the girls!

Megan M.

My neighbor and friend is pregnant with her second child, so I baked some treats and took them over to give her a little break!

Jamie K.

I love paying it forward, at Starbucks I paid for the car behind me, hoping it made their day!

Louis .

Our neighbor recently lost her husband, so we've taken her trash to the curb. A small act to let her know she isn't alone.

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