2018 Annual Report

One Church, Many Locations

Real Life Church Ministries consists of a body of churches with the mission of helping people find and follow Jesus.

Canyon Church
Canyon Country, CA

Discovery Church
Simi Valley, CA

Real Life Church
Valencia, CA


Total Tithes and Offerings
Other Revenues – $2,742,644


Total Expenses

  • Outreach, Ministries & Discipleship – $2,460,854
  • Facilities – $1,926,929
  • Personnel – $4,358,841
  • Undergrounds – $477,111
  • Other – $591,722

Number of Contributors

Number of New Givers

Average given by Contributors

Weekly Per Capita Average

Difference Makers

At Real Life Church







As of December 31, 2018

Average Weekly Attendance at all Churches

Attended Easter

Attended Halloween

Attended Christmas Eve Services

Average Online Attendance


Pre-teen Students Attended Camp

Jr. High School Students Attended Camp

High School Students Attended Camp

People Like Us

Discovery Church

Canyon Church

Real Life Church

People Follow Us

Discovery Church

Canyon Church

Real Life Church

People Follow Us

People Follow Us

Life Change

It’s all about life change and taking next steps. Real Life Church exists to help people find and follow Jesus. We want to be a church that celebrates the next steps that people take as they follow Jesus. Here’s a look at how we’ve seen people take their next steps in 2018.

548 were baptized

2,268 people visited for the first time

2,111 volunteered in 2018

1,181 are in community

674 people attended a Care Group

124 Community Groups meet regularly

423 people went through Rooted

Local & Global Outreach

Local Outreach

RLCM served 14 organizations in 2018 across 6 cities to help meet the needs of our communities. 500+ People mobilized to serve our community regular throughout the year.

Through our partnership with North Point Ministries, RLCM was able to raise $188,662.08 through our Be Rich initiative allowing us to serve at seven different projects utilizing 1,222 volunteers.

Ongoing Outreach Partnerships

  • A Light of Hope
  • Bridge to Home
  • Bouquet Senior Center
  • Berylwood Elementary
  • Canyon Country Community Center
  • Fun Life
  • Golden Valley High School
  • Help the Children
  • Life Group Block Party
  • Samaritan Center
  • San Fernando Valley Rescue Mission
  • Sarah’s House
  • Single Mothers Outreach
  • Sulfur Springs Unified School District

Global Outreach Trips

28 people went on global outreach trips this year

Dominican Republic


Leadership Board

Calvin Hedman
Rusty George
Fred Gray
Allen Meacham
Terry Meyer
Daryn Teague

Operations Team

Colin Beal
Fred Gray
Calvin Headman
Russ Klehn
Dave McCarthy
Terry Meyer
Ron Meyers
Doug Robert
Larry Stern
Daryn Teague
Ted Wright

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Our Story

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Beliefs & Values

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Our Team

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