One of the most talked-about series at RLC is back! This year, we are not only highlighting some great movies but have included some of your favorite binge-worthy series from the past year.

New this year we will be adding bonus content each week to this webpage and across all our platforms that takes a deeper dive into the themes and content presented during our live services.

Here are the top-five reasons you’re not going to want to miss this series, according to Rusty – check them out here.


Week One Bonus Content – Being A Dad

Rusty sits down with some incredible fathers to talk real life in honor of Father’s Day and basketball! These dads not only tackle dad jokes and sports talk, but hit on lessons learned from their fathers, kids and wives that make them better dads.

Week Two Bonus Content – Overcoming with Sarah’s house

Sarah’s house serves as a safe place for homeless expecting and single moms who are ready to make changes in their lives. Meet Sarah and Laura whose lives have changed as their relationship with Jesus grows.

Week Three Bonus Content – Helping the Marginalized Find Freedom

Rusty sits down with former RLC Pastor Steve Meyers and now IJM Church Mobilization Director to talk about seeking justice and freedom for the marginalized, persecuted and enslaved of this world.

Learn more about IJM and how you can help bring freedom to millions that are currently enslaved around the world.

Week Four Bonus Content – Finding Joy 

Rusty sits down with Pastor Marty Walker, of the Sanctuary, located in Santa Clarita, to talk about what is and how to find true joy in the midst of everyday life.


Week Four Bonus Content – Meet the Actors 

Rusty sits down with Ryan McPartlin and Sarah Drew, stars of our featured film in week 4 of At the Movies, Twinkle all the Way.


Week Five Bonus Content – Building Family 

Jeremy and Leslie Hoff chat with Micheal Hinton and Grace Cowen about, the challenges and rewards of fostering and adopting children as well as some of the fears they faced when deciding to open up their home.


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