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When you hear the word HOPE, what comes to mind? Is it a scene from nature? Is it individuals or organizations doing amazing work? Maybe it’s a glimpse of a dreamer or a newborn? Or what about the people around you who need hope? When you see them, do you think of a way they could find HOPE? 

How would you capture a story of HOPE through a photo?

We are inviting YOU to show us what HOPE looks like through your lens.  And specifically focusing on the state of California. Whether you’re a professional photographer or a camera phone shooter, we know you have a unique perspective that would be helpful for others to see and understand. 

Do you know someone who may be interested in being part of the project? Share this with them!


Completed submissions will be reviewed by our project team and placed in our digital gallery.  Select images will be identified, formatted and displayed in an RLC Campus Gallery for an in-person engagement experience.


    • All images require accompanying information to be completed in the submission form.  Incomplete submissions will not be accepted. 
    • All submissions to be considered for the Campus Gallery must be received no later than September 9, 2022, via the form below. We will still be taking submissions after September 9 to be included in the digital gallery!    
    • Submissions made after the deadline will be considered for the digital gallery only. 
    • Multiple submissions are allowed.
    • No age restrictions. 
    • You do not need to be a regular attendee of Real Life Church to participate. This is an excellent opportunity for you to engage your friends in an RLC initiative.



        Real Life Church loves California and wants to bring real hope to the people who live here.  We believe CAPTURE HOPE will help inspire people toward loving and serving the state of California the way we do. For more information on how Real Life Church loves CA visit (30/30 or Campaign info here). 

        Please note:  Real Life Church values artistic expression; however, this project is intended for all ages.  Please use discernment when submitting photos.  RLC reserves the right to select all final photos for public view.  

        Thank you for your interest in CAPTURE HOPE!  We look forward to receiving your submission. 

        If you have questions or want additional information email [email protected].



        Use the form below to submit your photo.

        Click or drag a file to this area to upload.
        By submitting this application, you are agreeing to allow Real Life Church to use your photo for any marketing purposes that Real Life Church sees fit.

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