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The Ojai Valley is famous for its creativity, beauty, and focus on spirituality, but it is not famous
for knowing Jesus. It has a mix of local natives, people who have moved in from far away, and
residents who have relocated from nearby Los Angeles. Its stunning setting draws in people
seeking rest, spiritual fulfillment, and healing in a valley that promises to provide refuge from
whatever is ailing them. Refuge Church will offer people the true rest uniquely found in Jesus.
The RLC 30 by 30 vision is to help 30 new churches get started in the state of California by the
year 2030. Be a part of helping The Refuge Church get started well in the Ojai Valley.

Friday, August 11, Refuge Church will be offering Free Friday Flicks to their community. This is
a big event planned specifically with families in mind. The goal is to create an inviting
environment with food, fun activities, and a film appropriate for all ages to cap off the night.
Volunteers are needed to support the needs of set up and tear down, hospitality, games, face
painting, etc. The event begins at 6:30 pm. All volunteers would need to arrive at the Church no
later than 5:30 pm.

STEP 1: Read the full description of the opportunity above. Make sure you understand what is
being asked for this unique serving opportunity. Consider if there are others who might want to
participate with you and share this information.
STEP 2: Sign-up so we’ll know how many people will be serving on this day and so we can
send follow-up information related to this event. (add sign-up link here).
STEP 3: Pray that God will use this opportunity in both your life and the life of Refuge Church.
STEP 4: Share about your experience once the serving opportunity is over! (link to Share Your
Thank you for your desire to be the hands and feet of Jesus in this way.
To learn more about the organization being served go to: https://www.refugechurchov.

NEW Serving Date:
August 11, 2023

Serving Location:
Refuge Church
441 Church Road
Ojai, Ca

Serving Instructions:

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