Module 1

Be Present


  1. What are ways you could try to know your few personally? How do you remember their interests, prayer requests, or special events?
  2. How has someone been physically present in your life? What did they do, even if it was small at the time, to leave an impression on you?


  1. Aside from insane amounts of coffee, how can you keep yourself mentally engaged each week?
  2. When can being present mentally be the most difficult?


  1. Small things can be a really big deal. What are ways you would like to try showing up randomly—whether physically or otherwise? (i.e. social media, cards, sports games, birthday parties, etc.)
  2. Think back to a time when someone showed up for you unexpectedly. Why do you think that meant so much to you? Why do you think it matters more when people show up for you when you’re young?

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