Module 2

Create A Safe Space

Lead The Group

  1. How do you model acceptance when there are differences between the individuals of your group?
  2. Has tension or conflict ever opened the door for a “teachable moment?” Talk about that. Share stories.

Respect The Process

  1. How do you usually handle doubts and questions? How can you choose to be curious instead of defensive?
  2. When it comes to faith, there is no finish line. What are ways you can balance the different faith journeys your few are on? How can you help honor their processes?

Guard The Heart

  1. Faith is personal. During the course of your small group, tough and even shocking things may be revealed. How do you navigate the line between valuing confidentiality or reporting?
  2. There are a few things above a small group leader’s pay grade. How can you notice and navigate conversations if one of your few mentions being hurt by someone, hurting others, or hurting themselves? What would your next steps look like?

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