Module 3

Partner With Parents

Cue the Parent

  1. Brainstorm ways you can help cue parents to have better and deeper conversations at home.
  2. If you were a parent, how would you want the church to partner with you when it comes to developing an everyday faith for your kid?

Honor the Parent

  1. How can you help build a bridge between your few and their parents?
  2. When a kid or student says something negative about their parent, you have an opportunity to bond with a kid over a common enemy, or show them how to honor their parents. What could that look like in your conversations?

Reinforce the Family

  1. Parents have around 3,000 hours with their kids each year. How can you partner with those hours to emphasize the importance of family time?
  2. How will you be sure to include families in big moments and decisions as you walk through life with your few?

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