Module 4

Make It Personal

Live In Community

  1. Your few are not YOUR community. Why do you think it’s important for you to be involved in your own small group?
  2. Who are the people you would go to if you needed to talk through your week? What makes them people you can lean on?

Set Priorities

  1. You can’t help your few develop an authentic, everyday faith if you aren’t living one yourself. What are a few spiritual priorities you keep in order to be able to pour into others?
  2. What are some of your relational priorities? Who are the people you should prioritize over ministry?

Be Real

  1. You don’t have to be cool to be a small group leader, so feel free to breathe a sigh of relief. How can you find a balance between being wise with what you share and still being authentic?
  2. How do you decide if a personal story will be beneficial for your few?

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