Hi Discovery Church,

We are excited to share some exciting news with you. For the past year we have been praying big prayers and dreaming big dreams about opportunities to serve the community in Simi Valley like never before. We have been praying for God to continue opening doors for us as we get close to celebrating 18 years in Simi Valley! We want God to show us how we can serve in new, and even more impactful ways as a Church. Our goal has always been for us to be a church that is irresistible to the community around us. A Church that Simi Valley loves and appreciates, not only for who we are as a gathered group of worshipers, but also who we are as we care for those in our community.

As we pray, dream and talk about new possibilities, we do so with a value to honor Discovery’s past and present while also looking towards the future with open surrendered hands, just as those who launched this location 18 years ago did also.

With this in mind we are guided by two opportunities that we feel are leading our next steps. First, as many of you know, last year we navigated through FPU (Financial Peace University) and it was clear that not only should our families take a closer look at their finances, but we as a Church should as well. By reviewing and improving our financial strategy for ministry, we also improve our impact in and around Simi Valley. Second, In March Covid-19 impacted the physical closing of our building due to health regulations. This provided a focused time with limited disruption to our daily operations to explore new ways of utilizing physical space in the future for our church gatherings.

So as we dug deeper in these two areas specifically we began to envision a future that impacts our community like never before.

Right now we are exploring new locations in the Simi Valley area for Discovery Church. This would mean moving from our current location to a location with potentially higher visibility, and more opportunity to reach a growing and developing community. A relocation would help us increase what we are already doing so well at Discovery Church. The heartbeat of ministry doesn’t change because of a building (remember the Church isn’t a building but the people) – a building just allows space for the heart to express itself to the community in new ways. This move will also help us to continue to remain financially responsible in ministry as we move forward. So as we look ahead to this new goal, we can successfully honor our past, while faithfully journeying into the future of where God is calling us to grow.

Our best days are truly ahead and we have an opportunity together to shine God’s light in Simi like never before. So I have a few favors to ask!

  • First, would you pray that God continues to lead and guide us?
  • Second, would you come to us as you have questions or if you hear talk that doesn’t align with this email?
  • We want you to be informed on what we are doing together as a church.
  • Third, would you partner with us to share in our excitement as we look to this next season focused on our mission as a church?
  • And finally, would you continue to share and serve in Simi Valley as we share God’s love in our community?

I love you guys, am thankful, and excited because I truly believe our best days are ahead!

Matt Grubb
Discovery Church Campus Pastor

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