Real Hope for California

Revealing God’s Heart for California.

Real Hope for California


Our mission is simple, we want to help people find and follow Jesus.


By the year 2030 we will have launched at least 30 churches, eliminated debt, and freed up funds to begin planting 10 churches each year in the next decade.

Real Hope for California


Our mission is simple, we want to help people find and follow Jesus.


By the year 2030 we will have launched at least 30 churches, eliminated debt, and freed up funds to begin planting 10 churches each year in the next decade.

Real Hope

is a three-year generosity initiative to reach people in the state of California through local churches.


Share Hope

Our goal is to tithe 10% of our campaign pledges. Below are the targeted gift amounts if we raise $10 million.

God Behind Bars – $250K

With over 100,000 inmates in California. God Behind Bars is an organization whose goal is that every inmate would experience the love of Christ. They would help us provide dynamic live worship experiences, messages of hope and restoration, opportunities for recovery from addiction, resources for re-entry into society, and ongoing support after release.

RIP Medical Debt – $250K

We know that medical debt can be a burden for so many families. The unexpected illness alone can be overwhelming enough, without the added stress of how someone will pay their bills. We want to wipe out the medical debt of as many people as we can in our communities. RIP Medical Debt cancels $10,000 worth of debt for every $100 contributed. We could cancel up to $25,000,000.

Saving Innocence – $200K

Saving Innocence is an organization that helps victims of child trafficking. With over 300,000 children estimated to be trafficked for sex in the United States, this Los Angeles based non-profit works with local agencies to help rescue and restore victims of child trafficking through serving, empowering, preventing and advocating.

Stadia – $200K

Stadia is a church planting organization that helps plant more churches. Through Stadia’s assessments and training along with our Leadership Pipeline and Residency, we can take young adults and potential planters and equip them to either lead churches or be leaders in churches here in California.

Real Hope App – $50k

Connecting people with resources is not always easy. We’ve decided to invest in and maintain an app that will link community resources to the people who need them. Wherever we plant a church, a community-based app will be available to help them partner with local law enforcement, mental health professionals, and community resources to best serve the needs of the community.

Fostering Youth Independence – $50K

There are over 65,000 foster youths in California. Fostering Youth Independence (FYI) works to equip foster youth to complete post-secondary education and become successful, independent adults. A post-secondary education is affordable and available to transition-age foster youth through the California Community College system, where they can pursue a college degree or vocational training.

Start Churches

It is our goal to plant 30 reproducing churches by 2030.

Some of these will be near our current churches allowing us to raise up leaders and staff from within and empower our youth to assist. Some of these will be somewhere else in the state utilizing church planters who are coming to California to join this mission. Some of these will be struggling churches that need our assistance and life breathed into them. But all of these will be in California. And all will be asked to plant another church within the first 5 years. This will allow us to not just start 30 churches, but to unleash exponential church planting within this decade. Each of these church plants will require a minimum of $150k over three years.

Church Plants Already a Part of 30/30
  • New City Church Oakland, CA
  • Church 180 San Diego, CA
  • Renovate Church Lakewood, CA
  • Mission Church Oxnard Oxnard, CA
  • Mission Church Ojai Ojai, CA
  • Refinery Church Temecula, CA
  • RLC Lancaster Lancaster, CA
Areas We Are Researching
  • Burbank
  • Five Points
  • Fort Tejon
  • Fillmore
  • Santa Paula

Shift Resources

Historically, churches would take on a mortgage to acquire space, train up leaders to manage that space, and then pray that people in the community would come to that space.

We want to change that model.

We want to reduce our interest expenses, thus freeing up money for more church plants. Through our new lending organization and generosity received in the next 3 years, we’ll be able to release resources to plant well over 30 churches while setting the next generation of leaders at RLC up for success.

We want to train our young adults and leaders to go out and plant churches or be leaders within those churches. Not everyone will work in a church, but all can lead in a church. We want to provide education and residency for students to prepare them to lead out in those areas.

We want to create community centers that house and help the community such as daycares, shared work spaces, art centers and sports courts, that also host church services on the weekend. This new way of thinking will allow business minded leaders to invest in for profit businesses while launching churches without the burden of paying for a facility.

How to Join


Would you join us in praying specifically this daily prayer, “God will you give us your heart for California? And then would you ask this… What would you have me contribute to this generosity initiative over the next three years?”


Would you make a three year pledge above and beyond your normal giving that would be a transformational gift to this initiative?


Would you serve in this project in some capacity? There are multiple ways to volunteer to help make this dream a reality.


You may be in a position where you would like to invest in these shared work/church community centers. Would you consider making a substantial investment that will yield some monetary return to you, but make an eternal impact on the community?

Real Hope for California
Real Hope for California

The Problem

There are not enough churches

Somewhere between 3500 and 5000 churches close their doors every year.

If you were born after 1984 there is only a 10% chance that you will attend a church.

“If every church in America were filled up twice to capacity every Sunday, we would be nowhere near able to accommodate the population, much less positioned to accommodate the growing birth rate. We need church plants because we need more places for people to attend.” – Ed Stetzer, Executive Director of the Billy Graham Center at Wheaton College

Research has shown that brand new churches will help 3x to 4x as many people to find and follow Jesus as do established churches 10 years of age or older.

44% of new church attendees were previously unchurched.

We all know someone who has not experienced the hope of Jesus. Today’s churches are not enough. We need more.


  • Nearly 200,000 people are without a roof over their heads on any given night.
  • 32% of adults struggle with an anxiety and/or depressive disorder
  • 15.2% of adolescents have reported a major depressive episode.
  • Nearly 9,000 overdose deaths last year.
  • 1.5% live in poverty.
  • Violent crime has risen by more than 20% in many counties.
  • 69% of Californians attend church 1-2 times a year to never.

For the last year our leadership team has been praying for God to give us his heart for California and we feel led to bring Real Hope to our state.

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