The RLC Residency program exists to Equip, Educate and Empower emerging Christian leaders to pursue and thrive in vocational ministry.

Real Life Church’s Residency Program is a 12-24 month leadership development program for emerging leaders looking to pursue vocational ministry. The program is designed to give hands-on experience along with personal mentoring and leadership training to Equip, Educate and Empower emerging church leaders for a lifetime of ministry significance. The goal is to make all resident graduates highly hireable in their pursuit of a career in successful ministry.

Our Program

Development Components
During your residency with the RLC you will experience deep growth in your Leadership Intelligence (LQ), Emotional Intelligence (EQ) and Spiritual Intelligence (SQ). This will be accomplished through ministry experience and leadership empowerment.

Leadership Curriculum

Our leadership curriculum is derived from the School of Advanced Leadership Training (S.A.L.T) from Hope International University. Residents will complete a minimum of 4 courses from HIU but also have the opportunity to pursue a MA degree in Christian Leadership if desired. The RLC Residency program is focused on these four key areas:
  1. Spiritual Formation
  2. Organizational Structure
  3. Relational Shepherding
  4. Focused Leadership


Who is eligible to apply?

Our residency program is best suited for mature young adults exploring the call to vocational ministry. Our Part-time residency affords the opportunity for college students who are currently enrolled at a local college or university the ability to do both school and the residency. Our Full-time residency is ideal for college graduates who feel called to vocational ministry and desire to have a robust leadership development experience.

What is the application Process?

Our application is done through Reliant Mission followed by an interview. Overall the process is not very long but ensures proper vetting of all applicants. You can fill out our interest form HERE and you will be contacted shortly with further details. For more information on Reliant Mission click HERE

How does the compensation work?

Part-time Residents will work approximately 20 hours of salaried work hours per week in addition to about 8-10 hours of unpaid development hours through the academic portion as previously described. The compensation is $1000/month.

Full-time Residents will work a full 40-hour week for a compensation of approximately $3,000 per month. The compensation will require a portion of the salary to be fundraised with training and coaching from Reliant Mission.

All host homes will be compensated by RLC, not by the Resident.

All HIU SALT classes will be covered by RLC, not by the Resident.

*If Full-time Resident is pursuing an MA then that is the Resident’s responsibility.

How long is the Residency?

The Residency is 12 months in duration for Part-time Residents and 24 months for Full-time Residents. Part-time Residents will have the option of continuing on for an additional 12 months if possible.

Are Residents required to take the HIU SALT classes?

Yes, but the classes can be taken for credit or audited which will reduce the amount of academic workload is required. If classes are audited then no Certificate in Ministry is awarded by HIU.

Is personal transportation required?

Yes, transportation is required. While we try to place residents in host homes near the campus they’ll be serving at, and public transit options exist, having a personal mode of transport is essential to a successful residency experience.

How does the Host Home work? Am I required to stay there?

We do our best to find a loving and healthy host family that is part of RLC to provide each Resident with their own room. There will be an agreed-upon understanding between RLC, Host family, and Resident to ensure clarification of expectations. Residents are not required to live in the provided Host home if the Resident chooses to arrange their own living arrangements.

All host homes will be compensated by RLC, not by the Resident.


Want to learn more about opening up your home to RLC Residents? Click the host home interest button below, and a member of our team will reach out with more information.

Residents staying with a host family provide a unique opportunity to develop a relationship with a Real Life Church family and experience local culture in a meaningful way. It can be a rewarding experience for everyone involved. All host homes will be ensured to provide a safe and comfortable place for Residents and Interns to live during their time with RLC. Some of the expected amenities from host homes are the following:

  • Furnished private bedroom and bathroom
  • Kitchen privileges
  • Laundry privileges
  • WiFi
  • Available parking
  • AC/Heat

Duration of stay is as follows:
Summer Intern (10 weeks from June to August)
Resident (year-round with a max of two years from the start date.

We are able to provide a small financial stipend to the host family upon request to cover some of the cost of housing a Resident or Intern.

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