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JOIN Real Life Church as we journey through the Bible, using The Story as our guide. This resource unfolds actual scripture seamlessly put together in chronological order, revealing the profound relationship between God and His people. We believe engaging with God’s Word has the power to transform our lives. Learn how God’s Story intersects with YOUR Story.

Don’t miss being a part of this extraordinary experience as a Church!

Important Dates for The Story


Join the team of Facilitators to make space for EVERYONE.

August 31

Story Discussion Groups Open! Get in quick to select your GROUP!

August 31-September 10

The Story Preview Weekends (with Rusty George and Randy Frazee)

September 14/17

The Story Launch Party! Extra fun during all weekend services!

Week of September 17

Chapter One Discussion Groups begin

Follow along with the story tracker Downloadable PDF

Get Ready to Join A


Don’t miss out on the incredible growth and connections waiting for you. We’re all made to be in community, and this fall is the perfect time to take a step closer to spiritual growth. Join us in building a supportive, enriching community! Interested in Facilitating a Story Group? Click here.

Story Discussion Groups Are Open!

Groups are for everyone!! And we encourage you to secure your spot early to ensure you find the group time and day that best suits your schedule.

It’s easy to choose the path that’s right for you. Simply click the button below to get started.

Join A RLC Story Group

RLC Story groups will help you connect with others while you go through the Bible together. You will be able to share your thoughts, ask questions, and learn from others perspectives. Each RLC Story Group will have a facilitator who is there to help guide the conversation. RLC Story groups meet weekly on campus, off campus (in homes, coffee shops, etc.), or online.

Stay In My Current Community Group

We love that you are having a great experience in your current Community Group here at RLC and that you wish to stay in this group while journeying through THE STORY. If you’re interested in exploring alternative group options. Please reach out to [email protected].

Start A New Story Group

Facilitate a new Story Group under the guidance and support of the Real Life Church’s Groups Team. Signing up to lead an RLC Story Group has its perks with RLC providing; group facilitator training, support to help fill-up your group, space to meet on campus if needed, and additional resources!

Create A Unique Group Beyond RLC

If you have a unique influence with a specific group of people through your weekly routines (work, children, hobbies, sports, neighborhood etc.) – maybe God has specifically placed this group of people in your heart to share this journey with? Invite those friends into a discussion each week around The Story!

The Story for Kids and Students

The Story really is for EVERYONE! Every age has access to a scripture book for their age. And because everyone will be going through the same chapters each week, it will allow families to easily discuss what they’re learning together. We’d LOVE to encourage you if you plan to engage as a family together with your kids. Let us know by clicking here!



Stop by any of our locations on campus during the weekend service to purchase a book! (Only adult books  currently available)

You don’t have to be an expert to be a facilitator.

Hear Jeff’s story.  

This is how to fully experience

The STORY Journey


Gather for weekend services aligning with The Story, discovering new insights that deepen your faith and understanding of the Bible.


Get your copy of The Story and read along, immersing yourself in the grand narrative of Scripture.


Talk about what you are learning with others and build meaningful connections by participating in a Story Discussion Group.

Don’t miss out on this life-changing journey that promises to bring you closer to your faith and the people around you. Let’s grow together and experience the transformative power of “The Story” this fall!

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a Story Discussion Group look like?

A Story Group Discussion is a group of 10-12 people discussing the weekly chapter of The Story using the discussion questions in the back of the book. Discussions are based on what was learned during the weekend teaching and observations from weekly reading.

What about kids and students?

Our Family and Student Ministry departments are working on creative ways and resources to engage kids, students, and families during our Story journey.

What is the time commitment?

It takes time for people to get to know one another and to evaluate if a group is right for them. It could take 6-8 weeks for a group to really start to gel. We suggest that you stay in the group you have signed up to be in for at least that length of time or longer. Again building relationships and getting to know people takes time. So give your group some time to get to know one another.

What if I am already in a group?

Please register to go through the Story with your existing CG here.

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