Below is a collection of resources hand-selected for you to help navigate the topics that arise week to week in our Unbecoming Series, a series that looks at the passages in the Bible that talks about the “sins of previous generations” being passed down.  We all see tendencies of our parents in us… how do we keep from carrying on the bad tendencies?


“… the sins of the parents [are laid] upon their children  and grandchildren; the entire family is affected — even children  in the third and fourth generations.” (Exodus 34:7, NLT) 



Leading Simple: On his podcast, Rusty & Jonathan Pokluda discuss how to interact with the teens of this generation and give us some practical insights on how to help them become adults, date and get connected to a church. – LISTEN NOW

What Happy Families Know: In this past message, Rusty examines some practical steps you can take to ensure you have a Happy Family.


This week we pray this song over you and your future generations, May His favor be upon you, and a thousand generations, and your family and your children and their children and their children. 

In this three-part series Mike and Debbie Breux look at raising kids who love God, each other, and other people. 

Additional resources for you to consider:

Quick Read: Are you afraid of becoming you parents: Rusty Blog 


You can watch the series here!

PART ONE: Generational Curses
PART TWO: Forgiveness
PART THREE: Blessing

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